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A Multi-Faceted Ministry

Worship Services
Women's Meetings
Missions Emphasis
Freddie Marcia Neel Civic Clubs
Singles' Conferences
Military Services
Chapel Programs
Youth Rallies
Asociational Meetings

Successful Living Seminars

  • God's Designer Fashions:  The Armor of Ephesians 6

  • Freddie's Facts for Finding Fulfillment

  • You Are what You Think You Are

  • The Feasts and Festivals of Jeshua HaMashiach

  • Faith is a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him
Monologues for Musical Presentations

  • Fannie Crosby,
    the beloved gospel song writer gives her testimony and engages your choir and congregation.

  • Patriot,
    brings our American Heriage to life, with suggested music for your choir.
Monologue Messages

  • Annie Armstrong

  • Lottie Moon

  • The Samaritan Woman

  • Mary, Mother of Jesus

  • Angel

  • Pilate's Wife

  • Eliza Broadus

  • Suzanna Wesley
Sketches, Stories, Humor, and More

  • Precious,
    the mime of love.

  • Grace,
    a ninety-five year old entreprenurial motivational speaker shares her wise, but humorous, outlook on life.

  • Marci,
    a precocious five year old whose humour and wisdom are beyond her years.

  • The Messiah Is Among You,
    a story relating "when you have done it unto the least of these ..."

Please Consider Before Contacting Miss Neel
To Bring This Unique Ministry to Life please contact:

531 Grant Avenue
North Augusta, South Carolina  29841
(803) 279-5307


e-mail at <Princess077@juno.com>